Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sporting Life 10K

The Sporting Life 10K has grown to be the largest road race in Canada in terms of participation - I've raced it once before, ten years ago and ran 39:38 which coming into this race was my 'official' best time for a 10K.  My 'unofficial' best time for a 10K was the last 10K of the Muskoka Long Course triathlon in 2011, which was a 13K run after a 2K swim and 55K bike - I ran the last 10K in 34:36.  This race is also billed as 'Canada's fastest 10K' as it is downhill to the finish, so a new PB both officially and unofficially was a possibility.

By no means was this race a priority race this year, I had a sinus cold in the week leading up to the race, and once I felt better on Saturday I got in 125K of cycling - my biggest day on a bike since last July.  On race morning, the legs were definitely heavy but I was looking forward to letting it rip at 8AM.

A PSA for people who enter the race next year - the first corral is for those aiming to run 45:00 or under.  If you are a 45:00 runner, DO NOT put yourself on the front line of the first corral.  You are in the way and yes, your photo may end up on the website, but it will likely be you being elbowed out of the way by those trying to get around you.

From the gun, Johana Kariankei, the class of the field, took charge and never looked back, winning by 43 seconds over Nick Sunseri.  Matt Leduc and my MGCC club mate Colin Campbell were running together, with Predrag Mladenovic just behind.  I settled into a group of about 10 that ran together until Rosedale (4KM), at which point the group split.  My decision was to speed up and hold the guys in 5th-9th position, or hold back and run with the guys in 11th-15th.  I chose to try and hang on to the guys up front, but that lasted only until Bloor, where I ended up running solo into a headwind from 5K-9K.
At 9K the group regained contact, and having burned all my matches it was all I could do to just hang in with them to the finish.  My quads were spasming like crazy in the last 3K, and I was lucky to finish under 34 minutes at 33:57.  KM splits were:

3:15, 3:14, 3:15, 3:12, 3:27 (got dropped), 3:18, 3:29, 3:26, 3:45 (craaazy headwind on Front St) and 3:27.

There has been a lot written about the less than stellar organizing of the event.  My personal opinion is that with two 10K runs on the exact same course and another marathon/half-marathon on a similar course being run over three weekends in a four weekend span, there's too much Yonge street spring racing in Toronto.  One 10K seems sufficient, and with the Mississauga Marathon on the same day as the Goodlife Toronto marathon, and the Scotiabank Marathon in Toronto being the city's premiere marathon, I would be happy to see just one spring 10K race.  So would the residents and drivers along the route - I'm firmly in the corner of runners and cyclists in the 'war on the car' in Toronto, but we're doing ourselves no favours with the current scheduling.

About 8 hours before the race went off, these guys were rockin' out on SNL which was arguably more memorable than the race!  Enjoy.

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