Thursday, 3 January 2013

And now for something completely different...

Happy new year!  After a relatively gluttonous 2012, I was looking forward to starting 2013 off in a fun, but healthier, way than 2012 began.  Last year I had a fantastically fun night out with great friends at Salvatore Darling, a fun joint in Parkdale that involved drinking the bar dry of Labatt 50 cans, riding the rocking horse, and capping the night off with a deliciously greasy chicken shawarma.  
Salvatore Darling - slightly different scene than a 5K course.
When the opportunity came up this year to start 2013 in my runners at the Midnite Run Toronto 5K, I was excited to kick off the year alcohol-free and logging my first workout at the stroke of midnight.  Since I was tipping the scales at over 80KG's, about 8KG's higher than race weight, I decided to try and sweat some of those extra pounds off by running the race in a Mr. McGibblets costume (from the FX network show, The League - if you haven't seen this show, do yourself a service and check it out).
'Tickle me, and rub my belly'
The course runs on a combination of roads, parking lots, back alleys and sidewalks around Toronto's Liberty Village neighborhood, it's definitely not a course for a PB, but then again you're running on January 1st in Canada, in the dark.  This year we had a couple snowstorms in the week leading up to the race, so there was a section of single-track packed snow and a decent amount of snow coverage throughout the course.

Racing in the costume was hot - I was prepared for it to be warm, but it was a sweatfest in there despite the -5c temperature at the start.  What I wasn't anticipating was how bulky the suit is, and that when you're running into the wind all that surface area makes it feel like you're running with a parachute.  I tried to stay with the leaders but just didn't have the horsepower, and trying to keep an eye on footing in the dark while looking through a red mesh mask, caution was more important than aggression through the corners.
Mr. McGibblets breaking the tape 5th overall.
I finished up in 19:24, 5th overall, fully gassed after having a great time.  Thanks to the team at Good Times Running for putting on a great event!  This was the second year for the event and there was a strong turnout. The swag bag was loaded (including solid winter running gloves of which you can never have enough), organization was tight, and the post-race food from Aroma Espresso Bar in Libety Village was fantastically delicious.  Look them up if you're interested in trying something completely different for the 2014 countdown!

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